Fire, flooding, natural disasters, theft, IT outage and health problems can bring production to a standstill in an instant – without warning and when you least expect it. The lasting success of companies does not only depend upon the prevention of issues and incidents, but also upon being prepared. Business Continuity Management is a systematic management approach that helps organizations respond when the inevitable occurs. As one of the first certification bodies in Germany, DQS CFS GmbH has successfully passed the accreditation process for the ISO 22301 standard.

The latest ISO Survey, published in September 2017, shows just how significant business continuity management has become in recent years. Whereas in 2014 there were only 1757 valid ISO 22301 certificates, this number had more than doubled by 2016, with 3853 certificates worldwide and 1068 in Europe alone.

The reason for the popularity of ISO 22301 lies not only with its potential to reduce risks, but also with the competitive edge it gives to certified companies: the focus on preparation and prevention increases customer trust, makes companies stand out in tenders and facilitates negotiations with financial service providers.

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