There can be no sustainability without transparency. In order to provide our stakeholders with an overview of the sustainability policy of DQS CFS and its implementation, we have published our second United Nations Global Compact progress report. 

The United Nations Global Compact is a principle-based framework, which encourages businesses to adopt, implement and report sustainable and social responsible policies (Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact).

DQS CFS joined the United Nation Global Compact Initiative in January 2016. By doing so, we have committed ourselves to adhere to the ten basic principles of the UN Global Compact and to report, on an annual basis, about the practical implementation of these.

Our Global Compact Progress Report 2017

Our so-called Communication-on-Progress (COP) Report outlines the measures taken in 2017 to ensure compliance with the principles of the Global Compact and informs our stakeholders on the progress we have made.

The four topics, which we focus on in our report, are human rights, our responsibility towards our employees, environmental protection and the fight against corruption. Within each of these categories, we inform you about:

  • the relevant policies of DQS CFS
  • the measures we have taken to ensure compliance
  • the indicators that enable us to track progress

The full report is available on the United Nations Global Compact website here.

With over 9,600 signatories from currently 161 countries, the Global Compact ranks among the largest corporate responsibility initiatives in the world.

To learn more about the United Nations Global Compact, please refer to the Global Compact website.

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