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Environmental Responibility

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Workplace Safety

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Social Responsibility

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Medical Devices

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Animal Feed

Because safety and quality of animal feed is the first stage for consumer safety.



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Risk Management

Risk is the effect of uncertainty on the achievement of objectives. 



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ISO 50001:2018 Energy Management System Update

ISO 50001 is the foremost international standard to improve energy performance as well as address energy costs. The revision of 2018 resulted in some changes and an improved focus on measuring and improving actual energy usage.

For organizations already certified to ISO 50001 in the 2011 version, the transition period ends on 20 February 2020, after which date all audits shall be carried out according to ISO 50001:2018*. This means that certified organizations will have to plan accordingly and should start prepara­tions for transition as soon as possible to assure a smooth transition process.

The main changes of the revised standard are:

  • Adoption of the ISO High Level Structure (HLS) for management system standards, ensuring compatibility with ISO 14001 and other ISO management system standards
  • Improved sections on data collection and normalization
  • Some clarification of key concepts related to energy performance (energy review, energy baseline, energy performance indicators, significant energy users)
  • Documentation of continuous improvement (in keeping with ISO 50003)

There is a stronger emphasis on the role of top management as well, as it is important to instilling an organization­al culture change,” said Roland Risser, Chair of the ISO technical committee that developed the standard.

Find out more about how a certified energy management system according to ISO 50001:2018 can help your organization save energy and cost. More information in this video or in our white paper. For a detailed offer, please contact the DQS office near you.

The above article sourcing from DQS Holding website (https://www.dqs-holding.com/en/media/news/iso-50001-2018-energy-management-system-revised/).

For more information, please send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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